What Is Solenoid Valve ?

Brass solenoid valve is working for steam and water !

  • A  high temperature  solenoid  valve is working for for steam, hot oil, hot air, hot water. applications are generally available from most valve manufacturers for pressures from vacuum up to 20Mpa.
  • High level temperature valve are generally fitted with PTFE seals and high temperature class H or class N rated solenoid valve coils. steam solenoid valve will be stocked 1/8 BSP port through to 2″ BSP threaded port with NPT threaded and flanged high temperature solenoid valves generally being a pre-order item.
  • The Jiaxin steam rated brass solenoid valves, high pressure brass valves and DS high temperature brass solenoid valves are well suited for most high temperature steam, air, water and sea water,gas,Oil medium.

How to use solenoid valve ?

  • This magnetic field exerts a force on the plunger.
  • As a solution, the plunger is pulled toward the centre of the coil so that the orifice opens.
  • This is use to open and close solenoid valves.
  • A solenoid valve is an electronic actuated valve to control the flow of liquids and gases !