JIAXIN Types of MasterKits

  • Kitchen Sink KitsDishwasher Kits
  • Toilet Kits
  • Plug and Chain
  • Push Button Waste,
  • Click Clack Waste Or Sprung Waste
  • Pop-Up Waste.
  • Flip Top Waste
  • Freeflow Wastes
  • Captive or Anti-Tamper Wastes
  • Ball valve, Filter,Check valve,Tap,Bibcock,Manifold,Pipe fitting,Flow valve
  • Thermostatic valve,mixing valve, safety valve,motorized valve,Strainer
  • Isolating valve,Angle valve,P-trap,Siphon,Outlet connection,Inlet connection

Latest New Valves

  • Jiaxin Metals offer a valve with quick and easy installation with a simple understanding . its simply connecting the thread of nut on to the valve, push the valve onto pipe then the compressing nut and o-ring would be tighen while the internal barb and double o-ring seal produces a leak free connection, Its no glues, no solvents of all parts.

Who can benefit from JIAXIN Metals?

  • Residential building and construction materials;
  • Distributer,Wholesaler,Retainer,Trading,Agent and Factory are welcome to be our family.

Residential plumbing installers marketing

  • Repair & Replacement are available

Mechanical contractors

  • Mixed use development Health Care / Educational

MRO professionals

  • Residential and commercial rental property maintenance Multi-location property owners
  • Businesses

How can JIAXIN save you money?

  • Environmental materials of valve and basin waste are with one year warranty!
  • Decrease set-up time by saving up to 31% of the staging costs!
  • Improve labor costand efficiency by saving up to 25% by improving labor sequencing!
  • Free sample you can get it sooner; OEM your brand is available; Free artwork design!
  • Reduce your storage and increase much more cash flowing with low MOQ requested.!
  • One stop solution from our factory to your warehouse;from design to logistic are available!

How do I get our valve and basin waste service?

  • Once your E-mail or Calling is reached our system; Our team will contact you with your price within 24 hours.
  • These valve groups are bespoke units and vary according to the system requirements and their location.