Female Thread Connection 220V Water Solenoid Valve Engine Solenoid Ball Valve


  • Drive power: 220VAC, 50-60HZ (can be customized 24V AC)
  • Power: 6 W
  • Action time: 15 S
  • Lead length: 50 cm (can be customized)
  • Medium: cold / hot water
  • Medium temperature: 2 ℃ -95 ℃
  • Control: three-wire two control (can be customized three-line control)

♠ This solenoid ball valve consists of ball valve and actuator, the actuator to drive the valve to do 90 ° movement, the actuator using synchronous motor drive, built-in limit switch, can make the valve in full or full off when the power. Can be used for heating and heating systems, air conditioning systems, to warm the system, solar emptying system, this ball valve with LED lights instructions, traffic lights to determine whether the valve normally open the goods off to achieve self-test effect.

♠ It is suitable for HVAC and status control of water system.Valve body is adopting ISO228 standard platform, the actuator’s using synchronous machine which drives the gears steady. The new product is to be met the requirement of customers with compact size,large torque, simple operation and free maintenance, convenient for installation under different working conditions. In addition, the actuator is equipped with a manual handle, so it can open or close valve in case of the power cut or other emergency.

    Port Size1/2″-2″MediaWater
    MaterialBrassNominal pressurePN≦1.6Mpa
    Operating temperature 2℃-95℃Lead Time45  days
    MOQ300Warranty12 months